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Summer School

by Alfred Okpugo


Made By Alfred Okpugo
There was once a kid named jake he was a kid that was a troble maker and then he failed his test and his report card we're all f and he knows that his perents are not going to be happy.
jake was walking home from school and did not look happy.
jake went inside and gave his perent the report card and then his perents went to see the report card and they did not look happy and then his perent said his grounded and said go to your room.
come here
Thought Bubble
jake went to his room looking sad and then his perents called him and said come here.
The perent say jake you are going to summer school jake said nooooooooooooooooooooooo i dont want to go to summer school the perents say you have no choice we already sighed you up and this is for your brain so you can get a little smart and it's for only 2 months your summer and hopefully this does not happen next year.
Jake get to summer school the next day and he was not ready and he did not want to go to summer school and his teacher is mean.