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Lauren's Land Acknowledgment

by Lauren Yeomans


Land Acknowledgment
I respectfully acknowledge that I am on the lands and waters of the Algonquin Anishinaabe (Awneeshee-new-bay) people. I am grateful to have the opportunity to live, work, and learn in this unceded territory.
Je reconnais toutes les langues, les cultures, les histoires partagées, les coutumes et les célébrations qui ont vécu sur cette terre avant moi. I must respect all the indigenous people because my family colonized their land. Je comprends que retirer quelque chose qui est extrêmement important pour la survie de quelqu'un est mal et peut causer de nombreux problèmes.
Even though I am not highly educated on the topic, I understand that taking care of the plants, animals, and overall environment is important. Nous devons protéger la terre sur laquelle nous vivons.
My Norval Morrisseau bear
I chose to draw a soccer ball because my favourite sport is soccer and I care a lot about it. I drew the girl with curly hair to represent Felicia bcause I really like her and she helps me with my work. I drew a division symbol because math is my favourite subject and I'm good at it. I drew the sun because I like sitting in the sun with my friends and family. Finally I drew Katie in the middle because she is one of my best friends and is always there for me.