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October 2023 Newsletter

by Aspire / Probus Primary School


October 2023 Newsletter
Head of School message
Dear Parents,
This month has been one of great Halloween excitement and winter fun. Many thanks to the PTA and staff for the excellent disco and please note the Bonfire Bingo is this Friday in the village hall.
Key stage two had an exciting fieldwork adventure on Bodmin Moor and many thanks to all the staff and Aspire team involved. We were blessed with excellent weather.
We hope the parents evenings were informative and we will soon be sending a parental questionnaire for feedback on a variety of topics. Teachers are always available to discuss concerns, either at the end of the day or send an email to
Kind regards
Ms Praed

Wear it Red Day - Being a good citizen
Being Me in Reception!
Reception have enjoyed sharing the story of Elmer and talking about how it is fun to be different. We explored some colour mixing to make some autumn colours from the story 'Elmer and the Windy Day' and cut out Elmer elephants to stick onto our paintings.
Outdoor Learning in Year 1
Year 1 have had an English focus, for their Outdoor Learning, last half term. We have discussed Autumnal changes that we could see in our outdoor space. To explore this, we have been looking at different adjectives and the class have collected natural materials that match each adjective. We shared and discussed these together. Based upon Lois Elhert's 'Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf' we made leaf monsters from the natural materials that we had found. We evaluated each other's work and shared what we thought each person had done well.
To further our vocabulary, we have been thinking about the different textures of natural items, so we have become 'Woodland Explorers'. The children went on a scavenger hunt to seek natural objects that were 'bumpy, rough, jagged, smooth'. We created natural bookmarks from these items as well as writing their adjectives onto these too.

Year 2 - Learning about storms and the sea!
In preparation for our new topic, Cornish stories and historical rhymes, the children used senses boxes to explore the sea. They had to feel, smell and listen to different items linked to the sea. The children were very excited!