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Oak 2022-2023

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Probus Primary School
Class of 2022-2023
Year 6 Residential 2023
Probus to Bristol (The Lion King)
Bristol to Stratford-upon-Avon (YHA)
Stratford to Harry Potter World! A lesson focused on sound effects before exploring the world of Harry Potter.
Stratford - Shakespeare School Rooms, The MAD Science Museum and The Butterfly Farm!
Drama - Going Beyond!
Tom and Niamh had the opportunity to work with associates of The RSC - exploring Twelfth Night and A Comedy of Errors.
The class were given a scene from ACoE and performed this at The Hall for Cornwall with other schools in the county.
I want to write my own plays using Shakespearean language! - Megan
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It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget! - Theo
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I can't believe how many people were in the audience! I heard it was 600 people!
- Isla
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Drama - Going Beyond!
Drama - Going Beyond! The Lion King
The children have been learning songs and acting to put together the production of The Lion King!
Because we had so many children auditioning for key parts, we have 2 casts for our 2 night performances!
I love drumming and will be playing the cajon in the background to some of the songs. - Harvey
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I wanted to help with the music and lighting! - Mia
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I am working hard on my confidence to sing a solo. - Ava
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Coding Club
First Lego Challenge 2022/2023 -
We have received funding from Cornwall Education for a robot kit and we received funding for another kit from Soroptimist International to get more girls into coding. We are hoping to take 2 teams of children from Year 5 and 6.
We will be attending the regional finals in March!
Code Club-
Children have been using Scratch to code!
We never had a coding club at my last school.
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This is so much fun!
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I like using different equipment.
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