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Grade 3

by Radhya Kapur (Student Noida)


"Do I need friends ?? Really''
Illustrated & Written by Radhya Kapur
When Sarah was little she didn't care about having friends. That is why she always used to stay at home.
After all she had her mother. Her mean siblings used to tease her and say bad things like ''Don't be clingy to mom'', ''You're not a baby anymore'' things like that.
She loved her mom and was very happy, until.......
one day. It was the day she was going to school. She was sad because she didn't want to leave her mom. She needed to stay in school for 3 hours.
3 HOURS!!!
In school a girl named Ruby saw how sad Sarah was and said ''Hi my name is Ruby you look sad what happened ?'' I miss my mom Sarah replied sobbing.
It's ok once you make friends you will be happy. I guess. Will you be my friend? asked Sarah. Of course! said Ruby.