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The Singing Princess

by Collaborative Story


Singing Princess
Collaborative story of project partners
"Connection between fairy tales and STEM"
Part One - GREECE

Once upon a time , there was a princess who was called Melina.

She lived in a castle with her family, her father the king and her mother the queen. She was good-hearted and helped everyone when they needed her. She had very long hair and big brown eyes! She really liked music and singing. Every night when she went to bed she would dream that she was singing all the songs she knew.

The castle was huge with many high towers and one hundred rooms and a big garden with colorful flowers and trees. Melina loved the castle and she would like to live there all her life. But ... there was a big, big problem that made her deeply sad: no one was allowed to sing in that castle because...
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......because nearby is the forest in which is sleeping a she-bear. She-bear is brown, big, and very angry. She could wake up if she heard singing and scare the royal family. When princess Melina was born 10 years ago, her mother, the queen was rocked in the cradle and sang lullabies to her.
The singing attracted the she-bear from the forest and immediately chased after cradle. She only wanted to look if her little bear is in there. He got lost and she looked everywhere for him. Mother of Melina was frightened, that she-bear would attack princess Melina, so she screamed loudly. Because the tones were very high, the she-bear went all dizzy and angry back to the forest and there she fell asleep, until

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Part Three - BULGARIA

... until her little bear wandered away from her into the woods.
The princess did not go outside the castle for many years, walked around the big rooms, imagined singing and dancing. Her sixteenth birthday was approaching and she became sadder and sadder because she could never sing. One night she began to cry with grief. The mother heard, went to her and when she saw how sad the princess was, her heart broke. The queen began crying, hugged her, and tears streamed down Melina's beautiful long hair. Then she promised the princess that would have a ball in the castle for her birthday, and she would sing and dance as much as she wished. A prince from a distant kingdom heard about the beautiful Princess Melina and the sadness of her family. He decided then to find the baby of the bear so he can go to the ball for Princess Melina's birthday. All the hunters were gathered and together with them, he entered the dense and dark forest, but suddenly...