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All about Minecraft

by Kylin Kachermeyer


All about Minecraft.
By: Kylin Kachermeyer

Minecraft was made in 1990 by noch, 3 yrs later noch retired and he gave Minecraft Cristofer.
Christofer made Minecraft in to a fun place for people and Christofer was Minecraft's owner ever since,Then he relish it to the public and that is how it has been ever seench, He still is the owner now.

Minecraft is fun you have to kill animals to get food and build a house and a farm.

We meat in games,
we play all the games,
we love cats and dogs,
we love pigs and hogs,
we build homes,
we build fomes,
we know all the same,
we know all the games,
I know all your games,
You know all my games,
we love are moms,
we love are dogs,
we love all are games,
so we play all the games.
I am going to show you readers this. It's a Vid of me playing minecraft