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Jennas Birthday

by Lauren Eby


Its Jennas Birthday in Play Class!
It was early morning Thursday August 19th when sweet Jean woke up ready to go to class. For some reason this morning she felt... different? She didn't think too much about it because she had to focus and get to class.
Jenna passed so many friends on the way to class this particular morning, but she had no time to stop and chat she was laser focused on getting to class and following her "perfectly" planned out schedule
Jenna had always been a planner. Every day of her life planned out down to the hour. Everything had to go according to the plan otherwise Jenna would FREAK OUT.
Jenna trecked on with the rest of her day according to schedule. For some reason her friends kept trying to stop her or hang out with her this day. She knew something was up, but she had no time to "waste" the schedule wouldn't allow it.
As the sun began to set Jenna walked back to her apartment satisfied with the was her schedule went for the day. As she walked up to her door she could hear some noise but didn't think too much of it. She twisted the nob and walked in only to be greeted with "SURPRISE"

All of Jennas friends were gathered in the living room to wish her a happy birthday!