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The Book of Life

by Pavithra E


The Book of
The Possibility of Life on Other Planets
Is there a possibility to have life on other planets? Absolutely! What are the chances, in this ever so expanding universe to have a planet that's able to sustain life just like ours? This doesn’t mean that there are high tech aliens with UFOs or an alternate universe that can disprove the Mandela effect. Think about it, if we are living beings, wouldn’t we also be considered as aliens, and potentially also as malevolent as the ones in the tales because of our egocentric elocution?
Skeptics have that “see to believe” mindset, which is demented. (C’mon these are the flat-earthers here be real). After all, a major sign of intelligence in the universe is that nobody has tried to contact us. Some people, maybe for religious reasons, think that Earth is just one of a kind, and proceed to let it interfere with their scientific reasonings. If you think about it, we could potentially have a chemically resulted planet somewhere in space that’s made out of cotton candy!
Now that it’s cleared that it's fairly blind of people to believe that there isn't a single living being out there except us, evidence proving that life can be sustained if given the right conditions is The Miller-Urey experiment. This was an experiment where scientists took the chemicals which are believed to have existed in the primordial times of earth and passed electrical currents supported by a source of heat (Ex: the sun) would then create the conditions to sustain life. After Miller died, scientists were able to find that in the vials 20 amino acids were created which most naturally come in genetic code. This means that if under these same circumstances, not only can it create an environment suitable for being able to preserve biotic factors, but create and mRNA sequence, essentially giving rise to evolution. Thus, indicating that it is possible to have life around other than us in this universe. 
I’m not telling you to believe what I say or become an astronaut and explore the farthest regions of space a rocket is willing to take you to try to believe what you see; I’m telling you not to be stupid
In my backyard, there’s this massive hole concealed by evergreen bushes of all shapes and sizes. Emerald vines, coiling to the rhythm of “Starry Night”. Leaves in all colors are spread across the buoyant mulch. My sun kissed legs sprint into the inviting shade. I observe this mysterious crater cankering into my fence.
Curiosity gets the best of me, and I take a peek. Maybe, if I go in, I’ll be standing at the center of a forest. A forest so vast, where to my left, there are trees as tall as skyscrapers veiling the sun where the rays are limited to only the tiniest slivers. My ears ring to the birds singing a soothing tune. There I’d be welcomed like royalty by all creatures, great and small.
To my right, there is a tense aura in the air. A blanket of fog drapes over the grassland that seems to cut a pathway to an enigmatic lake. If I take a dive into depths, the frigid water will pierce my senses awake. Opening my eyes, would I see an ocean? Would I be swimming in the ruins of a lost city, fish dancing and prancing all around me. My eyes begin to unfasten in excitement.
My vision is obliterated as a gargantuan monster. It challenges me with a humid and pungently odorous smack. They call him Spike, the neighbor’s dog.