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travel agent

by luana mangino


hello, can I help you?
where would you like to go?
the best time to visit is..
how long would you like to stay?
have a look at/here's a brochure about...
it's luxury travel/it's quite cheap/it's areal bargain
insurance is/isn't compulsory but strongly recommended...
you most have medical expenses and emergery repatriation cover..
vaccinations are not compulsory, but we recommend...
we recommend you take some cash with you...
dollars and Euros are commonly accepted
you need/don't need a visa to enter
you need a valid passport/an identity card will be enough to travel...
you need an international driving licence if you wish to hire a car..
I'd like to go visit...
I'm planning a trip to... and i need help information/advice about
where is the best time to visit? what's the wheather like in?
when is the cheapest time to go to?
do l need a visa? do l need to get a visa to go to?
what papers/documentas do l need?
ls travel insurance included in the price?
what vaccinations do l need before l travel to?
do l need any vaccinations?
what is the local currency?
have you got any brochures or maps of the area?
l'd like to hire a car and tour... do l need an international driving licence?

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