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Lazy friends
Once upon a time, there were two best friends, Nina and Mikhail, they studied in elementary school. The two friends were very lazy and did not want to study. They played together all the time and never did their homework.
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Speech Bubble
One day their teacher said that tomorrow they would have an important exam.
Exam at 8:30
No cheating
Be on time!
"OK guys! get ready for the exams. If you get low grades, I'll call your parents and tell them you failed the exam."
Nina was afraid of her parents. "O! I have a plan,” Michael said. Let's pretend we're sick tomorrow so that our parents will not send us to school." Nina also liked this idea, as they both did not want to study. The other day, both Nina and Mikhail did not go to school as they planned, and lay in bed all day.
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After the exam, friends came to school. Their teacher asks the children to explain the reason why they did not come. Although the parents of the students told the teacher everything.
Nina said they were sick and couldn't go to school. "Okay, then sit down! Today you will take the exam,” said the teacher. The students felt ashamed of their actions, and Mikhail confessed to her that they had lied to the teacher and his parents. They were both upset and very sorry. .
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