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by Bigham's 1st Grade


The Book of Monkeys
Authors: Charley-Rose, Khatera, Elise, Naseer, Subhan, Mia
Table of Contents
Physical Characteristics page 1
Behaviors page 2
Classifications Page 3
Life Cycles page 4
Habitat Page 5.
Are Monkeys Endangered? page 7.
Physical Characteristics.
Monkeys are many sizes and colors. Monkeys eat fruit. Monkeys have fur to keep them warm.
Behaviors of Monkeys
Here are some behaviors of monkeys they carry their babies on their backs.
They live in groups for protection.
Monkeys eat fruit, vegetables, and nuts.
Classifications of Monkeys.

Monkeys are mammals.
Monkeys have hair.
Monkeys are warm-blooded.
Life Cycles of Monkeys.
When a monkey is born it is born from its mom.
When it is immature it gets milk from its mom as an adult it eats fruit.
Life Cycles of Monkeys

Monkeys are born from their mother's body. When they are infants they get milk from their mom. When they are adults they get food for themselves and take care of their babies.