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Escape Room

by S. M. Rouhan Fawad, Aalian, Samiya, Zahra


Samiya Elahi - Zahra Aamir - Rouhan Fawad - Aalian Khan
"Wow!" Jane exclaimed while scanning her view. They had finally reached the Escape Room, a place she wanted to go with her little brother, Tom, for her birthday. The walls were deep purple, while the ground was cluttered with various old looking papers, wooden tables, dusty bookshelves and fluorescent LED lights. "You will be playing alongside many others. There are three other players. Remember you have to work together and complete all seven puzzles before time runs out," a lady immaculately dressed in black, with not a strand of blonde hair straying from her head, jumped out of the shadow told us. This caught my attention and for the first time, I actually looked at everyone I will be playing with.
There was a little girl, probably around seven or eight, with thick, black hair, fair skin and green, curious eyes. She was hiding behind a tall boy with spotless clothes and wild hair. They appeared to be siblings. there was a fashionable girl with fine red hair, unusual white sin striding across the room to me.
"Hi! I am Sally," she introduced herself.
"I cannot wait to solve riddles with all of you in the Escape Room. I am so excited. I have been waiting for this for an entire week and it has been torture. "After saying this she skipped off. "She talks a lot. I think she just had an entire conversation with her self , " I whispered to my brother in a hushed voice . We had an almost inaudible laugh over it.
The air conditioning was slowly dropping and I was rubbing my hands together. "The literal meaning is to figure something out. I don't think we have to do that very literally. Perhaps there are some numbers written somewhere". "I think we have to find a clock and maybe we should move the handles so that they are two and two. We have to find the clock first , let's look around" I searched every corner until nothing was left unchecked besides a big table. Tom checked every dusty drawer until there was only one left. Inside there was a tiny ticking pocket watch. "Good job Tom , "I exclaimed while I moved the clock hands around.
the sound of a loud click filled the room. A serious sounding voice announced,
"Well done. Round one is completed." We all clapped but soon the smell of something burning caught our attention.
"What is burning?" Sally asked. Her usually jolly face was painted with fear. The face was ambling towards us, licking the ground. Panicking, I pushed all the books around around hoping that I could unlock a trap door. My idea worked better than expected. in front of me, old wooden stair creaked. Gingerly, we ambled down not knowing what to expect. I was frozen with fear. A blanket of snow was draped on the ground. we could see nothing beyond the horizon. Soft snowflakes fell into my hand.
"This is the next challenge. We have to find a way to escape.