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Unit 2: The Constitution

by Rachel Hulme-Robinson


Unit 2: The Constitution Vocabulary Book
in this book you will find all Unit 2: The Constitution vocabulary words
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Table of Content:
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•US Constitution
•3/5 Compromise
•Virginia Plan
•New Jersey Plan
•Great (Connecticut) Compromise
•Commerce and Slave Trade Compromise
•Articles of Confederation
•Legislative Branch
•Executive Branch
•Judicial Branch
•Checks and Balances
•Separation of Powers
•Article 1
•Article 2
•Article 3
•State Government
•National Government
•Necessary & Proper (Elastic Clause)
•Implied Powers
•Enumerated Powers
•Denied Powers
•Concurrent Powers
•Reserved Powers
•Article 5
•Article 6
•Supremacy Clause
•Bill of Rights
•Civil Liberties
•Selective Incorporation
•Bill of Rights
•Due Process
US Constitution (1787):
Replaced the Articles of Confederation and established a functioning government. Established (1) federalist system, (2) separation of powers, (3) checks and balances, (4) Bill of Rights.
3/5 Compromise:
the decision at the Constitutional convention to count slaves as 3/5 of a person for the purpose of deciding the population and determining how many seats each state would have in Congress
Virginia Plan:
"Large state" proposal for the new constitution, calling for proportional representation in both houses of a bicameral Congress. The plan favored larger states and thus prompted smaller states to come back with their own plan for apportioning representation.