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Fifth Grade Memory Book

by Mrs. Genens


Memory Book
5th Grade Edition
Thought Bubble
Comic Panel 1
This is what I look like:
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Five words that describe me:
it's all about me!
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Favorite Color:

Favorite Subject:

Favorite Team:

Favorite Movie:
My favorite classmates!
My favorite classmates!
A Day in the Life of a Student like Me
Before school starts...
Comic Panel 1
At the beginning of the school day...
Comic Panel 2
fill out ANB, unpack materials, listen to tunes
During the morning...
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Comic Panel 4
In the middle of the day...
During the afternoon...
Comic Panel 5
At the end of the school day...
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Comic Panel 1
Here's what I like about my teacher:
My Teacher:
What my teacher likes:
What my teacher does NOT like:
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