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My Journey of Space Pollution

by Yasemin G.


My Journey of
Space Pollution
Written by Yasemin Günal
13.May 2059
Hi, today I will tell my story to you guys. Are you excited?
It’s the year 2059 and our technology has improved so much. Buttt we still have a huge problem! I know i just said that our technology changed so much but the space pollution, hmmmmm… haven’t really changed. However, unlike our technology ,our world has gone worse.
13.May 2059
Sea pollution has been killing animals, polar bears have been dying because of the climate change. Everyone thinks because the technology is getting better, it will be fine but no, it hasn’t been fine at all for years. I think I’m the only one who is really thinking about this issue on a regular day. I’m actually pretty nervous about how it’s going to turn out in the end. I’m right now just telling myself that the time is going to come and I will see it eventually.
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16.May 2059
A couple of days have passed and in the news 📰 I heard that they are trying to send some satellites into space.
Unfortunately, just few days later, they got inactive because of all the other inactively floating satellites crashed into to each other. …………………

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16.May 2059
SEE I've told you guys, they should’ve predicted that this was going to happen. Even I knew that it was going to happen. I was so mad like a bird who got its baby stolen! How didn’t they see it earlier? It was too obvious! In my mind, I thought that i needed to do something but I’m not an astrophysicist or a space engineer so I can’t really do anything that will change this or can I? Even if i’m not an astrophysicist, I can talk to one right ? I have some friends that I know who are interested in space but it would be so weird to tell them my opinion and i want to meet a professional . So I decided that I was going to research and find a professional astrophysicist and talk to them about this issue. Plus, I will meet professional astrophysicist as well.
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18 May 2059
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After 2 days of research, I finally found someone and they said that they were okay with having a meeting. This was like a dream come true!

First of all, I’m doing something to change the world. Second of all, I’m meeting an astrophysics. Omg YAY! They said that they were going to meet with me 5 days later because of course their schedule is really full. I was dancing all around my room and singing songs.