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The deadliest prehistoric sea creatures.

by Matas Stasaitis


The deadliest prehistoric sea creatures
The deadliest prehistoric sea creatures
By Matas Stašaitis.
By Matas Stašaitis
Number 1
This is like a tank fish. It was a 60 meter armored predator that weight one ton. The Armor was only on face and it was made out of bone. Nothing at the time could bite trough it’s armor. Also he had a dangerous bite because he didn’t have teeth it was just a sharper part of it’s armor. These two things made it a ferocious predator.
Number 2
It 10,5 meters in lenght also he had flipers that were 3 meters in lenght. The kronosaurus had a huge head tha was at least 5 metes in lenght. It also had huge teeth that were around 30 centimeters. Also is was super fast.
Number 3
The helicorpion was a shark like fish that went extinct 250 mln years ago. It is most known for it‘s spiral tooth structure. The teeth were 43 cm in lenght. Scientist are unsure if the teeth went in to it‘s troat it was a external feature. The entire fish was 6.b meters in lenght. And of course it was a carnivar. 
Number 4
The mososaurus is an extinct aquatic carnivore lizard that lived 66 mln years ago. It lived in North America and Western Europe. They were about 17 meters long. It had a strong skull and paddles like flippers. They cought their prey whit their huge teeth and ate practicaly anything them in the ocean. It also had an inkredibally long tail.
And the last
The megaladon is a giant prehistoric shark. It from 28 to 1.5 mln years ago. It was 18 meters in length. It weight up to 60 tons. Of course it‘s a carnivore. It could eat anything, but it ate only animals like seals, whales and sea cows. One of it‘s teeth could be up to 18 cm. Because it‘s a shark the only remains of the megaladon are their theet. At ones a megaladon could have 5 rous of teeht or about 400 seperated teeth.
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