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Cultural Diversity
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Building a Relationship
Cross-Cultural Understanding
UNESCO defines culture as "the set of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features of society or a social group, that encompasses, not only art and literature but lifestyles, ways of living together, value systems, traditions and beliefs " (UNESCO, 2001).

The word 'culture' in English is derived from the Latin which sounds as Colere, means about human lives that always function to protect, treat and do varieties of activities that can produce cultural action (Suwardi Endraswara, 2006:4).

So, culture is a general term that contains a set of characteristics which not only includes art or literature, but is also related to social behavior, norms, customs found in social groups or society
which can later produce cultural actions.

The Important of Culture Understanding
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Example of Cross Culture
  • Opening Night Surabaya Cross Culture, Delegates from 8 Countries and 9 Regions were Entertained

  • ASEAN GAMES 2018 participants from various countries and various cultures

Tips to Understanding Cross Culture
Welcoming Visitors
Welcoming visitors involves making people feel relaxed and comfortable in a new environment. An essential part of this is small talk – or making conversation which is not directly concerned with reaching a business deal. So the following is an example of a conversation welcoming visitors by manager.

What happens when a visitor arrives with an appoinment to visit a company ?

What are the typical stages of the first meeting ? what conversation take place?

Practice 1
Small Talk
According to the Longman Dictionary of English Language and Culture (2010) small talk refers to light conversation on unimportant or non-serious subjects [4, p.1275]. Bernstein (2002) suggests, i.e. socialization makes people safe and, as a consequence, helps building a good relationship no matter if business or friendly. So small talk refers to socialization and light conversation on unimportant or nonserious subjects, thats makes people safe and, as a consequence, helps building a good relationship no matter if business
or friendly.
That small talk is always useful:
  • at the beginning of a meeting, welcoming a visitor
  • at other moments in a business relationship

Advantages of using small talk:
  • small talk helps develop good relations and a good atmosphere
  • small talk happens between casual acquaintances, people who meet in the course of their work, perhaps engaged in different fields, or staying in the same hotel or travelling on the same plane.

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