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The Donkey Poley's Birthday!

by Irina Babakaeva


Irina Babakaeva
The Donkey Poley's Birthday!

Do you know Donkey Poley?
He woke up today so early,

brushed his teeth
and even more:
hooves, his mane, and Snail Bo. 
Hi, I am Snail Bo!
Speech Bubble
Brush your teeth
and tail
twice a day
Washed his tail like it’s for sale,
swept a floor
and even more: 
swept a table, shelf, and door.
He did try to do his best, 
he was waiting for a guest.
For one guest ...
or even more:
two, or three, or maybe four.
The thing is that just today 
our Poley has a birthday!
He invited all his friends:
Kari, Tara, Mike, Andres.
All his friends and even more:
friends of friends from his next-door.