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Kamehameha Ch. 1

by Tehane Reynolds


Kamehameha the Child
Lightning and thunder. Cold wind and rain. A comet, like a bright star with a long tail, shining above Kokoiki in Kohala, on the island of Hawaiʻi.
A dear little baby, born this stormy night, in the time of ʻIkuā. A boy named Kamehameha! Kamehameha, "The lonely one."
Cared for with love, by Aunty Kahaopulani. Taught many lessons by Kahu Naeʻole. Kamehameha learned to swim long before he could walk.
When Kamehameha was five, Naeʻole took him to Kailua Kona, to live with his parents. Mom, Chiefess Kekuʻiapoiwa. Dad, Chief Keōuakupuapāikalaninui.