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The Missing

by Beros, Gabriella


Chapter 1

Breaking news lock your doors because
there is a killer going around right now, he killed five people now that is why
you should lock your doors if you do not you might be killed and that would not
be good. We are town, but we need some news because who cannot have news. That
is all for now, let us take a break with music.
Amiya came from behind the killer and knockout the
killer. Amiya gave them rope and they tied him. They unmasked the killer.


The looked at the killer and it was a kid that went
missing 15 years ago. The killer’s name is Dickson. Thy called the police and
one of the friends was the sister of the killer/Dickson. The name of the friend
is Ronie. The police took Dickson to jail.

Ronie went to see Dickson in prison. The police
officer took Dickson to the place where you can talk through a class window.
Chapter 3

 “Who took
you? Why did he want you? Why did you become like this? How did you become like
this?” “Ronie stop talking like that ok just stop I’ll answer all of those ok”
“ok” “First the name oof the person who took be is Carlos James Anerson second he
wanted me because I was part of his plan he did not tell me what is his plan
but it was this and what I did and I think the third one is just the second so
the fourth is because he made me or he would of killed you.” “So, wait you did
all of that because he would have killed me.”

 The police
officer took Dickson back to his sell in this max security prison. Ronie went
to the front desk to ask how much Dickson’s bail was. “Hello ma’am could you
tell me how much Dickson’s bail is?” “Ok it looks like it is 50,000$ for
Dickson’s bail” “ok thank you so much I'll be back soon” “no problem, ma’am.”
 Ronie went
out to go get a job to get money to get Dickson out of jail. Ronie went to
apply for a job at Starbucks to pay for Dickson’s bail.
Chapter 4

She got the job at Starbucks she started her job the
day she got the job because they were short staff.

A week later she went to go see her brother Dickson
in prison.

A month later she got enough to pay her brother’s
bail. She went to the front desk, and she gave the money to the person at the
front desk. A few minutes later Dickson came out to Ronie. “Why” “what do you
mean brother?” “You know bailing me out of jail” “because you my brother and
because I know that you did nothing wrong you just wanted to help me, so I got
a job to pay for your bail that’s why I did not talk to you for a while.”

“You got a job for me sis” “of course now let’s go
get you some better clothes for you Dicky” “ok Ronaio”
Chapter 5

They went to a clothing shop to shop for new clothes
for Dickson. Lenore saw Ronie and Dickson at the mall and she took a photo of them.
Ronie took Dickson into a store where they bought Dickson clothes. After that Ronie
and Dickson went back to Ronie’s apartment. Dickson tried on the clothes they bought
for him.

Christana, Alice and Lenore all went to Ronie’s
place to talk “hello Ronie can we talk out here for a sec away from that thing
in there” “ok?”. Ronie closed the door. “Yes, what’s wrong and why did you call
him a thing he is a” “yea yea
why were you with him earlier?” “Well,” “well what just say it!” “Ok
Dickson/the killer is my brother, and we were going
To buy them clothes because I bailed him out of
jail” “and how did you do that eh” “well I got a job-” “you got a job for that
thing” “wow Ronie” “a job.”