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Earthquake Example

by Mrs. A


All About Earthquakes
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By: Mrs. A
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Topic: Earthquakes
When Earthquakes happen
Historical Earthquakes
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Can you imagine what it would feel like if the Earth was to move or shake under your feet? To clarify, when that happens, it is called an earthquake. Earthquakes occur about one time every minute all around the world.
This is a building that fell from an earthquake.
World Earth Sticker by Plasma Republic
When Earthquakes Happen
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This is a drawing of two buildings affected by an earthquake.
First, Earthquakes occur in the Earth’s crust from five to thirty miles deep. The crust is made of layers of rocks called plates. Cracks in the plates are called faults.

The plates are always on the move, but they only move about six inches a year. Sometimes, as the plates move, they scrape, bump, or drag against one another along the faults and then an earthquake happens.
Historical Earthquakes
Furthermore, sometimes earthquakes happen and they cannot even be felt. Other times earthquakes happen and they cause extreme damage. There have been lots of earthquakes that are known throughout history. One earthquake I want to tell you about happened in 1556 in China. The earthquake killed 830,000 people. That sounds devastating.
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This is a sky view of a city in China. Imagine if there was another big earthquake today!