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by Bianca Giulia Marina Isabelle Camila


What is the positive body?
The body positive is a movement that values the acceptance of the body without the need to fit into a pattern. Fat, thin, with cellulite, without cellulite, with stretch marks, without stretch marks, with some deficiency or scar.

An important point of body positive is that you accept and love your body, not that you just conform and live dissatisfied with it.

The important thing is to keep in mind that your “differences are special and make you who you are, that is, they are not faults!

In the body positive movement, the proposal is to make people see that there is beauty in profiles that do not meet the standards.
We grew up believing that there is only one "acceptable" body type, the standard body in which the person is thin, with straight hair, blue eyes and light skin. Fortunately, over the years this pattern started to deconstruct, and nowadays many famous people talk about it, and one of those people is Demi Lovato.
When she was younger, Demi suffered a lot of bullying because of her weight and the shape of her body, and often when she had photo shoots, she ended up being watched so that she didn't eat more than she should.
Currently, she doesn't care about that anymore, and believes that the only important thing is to be healthy and feel good about herself, becoming a great inspiration for everyone.
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