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The Power of a Pencil



The Power of a Pencil
By: Emily Gibbons
The Power of a Pencil

By Emily Gibbons
It was a gloomy morning, one abuela would call sombría.

Little Isabel lay half asleep in her room with butterflies floating around her stomach. She knew it was the first day of school in her new country. The thought of that made the butterflies move from her stomach to her lungs, making it difficult to take a deep breath.
She slammed her door shut.
Thud! Thud!
The door in her new house made a new noise. Abuela's door went
creak, creak.
Isabel thought to herself.
She moved here to make people proud. ORGULLO! Abuela had said.
I don't have anything to make my teacher proud.
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That’s when Isabel felt a burning in her back pocket. She pulled out a pencil! Not just any pencil, but a pencil that had all the power in the world. Energía! Abuela would say.