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Professional Identity Log
Jordee Anne Adams
Teaching Philosophy
Teachers who love teaching, teach learners to love learning ~ Robert John Meehan
I believe in this quote so much and live by it because I strongly think teachers who love teaching will be good role models and teach learners to love learning. It is such an important thing for learners to love learning because it allows them to be creative, imaginative and explore the wonders of education. I believe that if you open the minds of young ones, they will create something so beautiful and captivate the hearts of their teachers and parents.
In the start of my degree, my teaching philosophy was not a long one, because I had just started and I wasn't sure where my feet were. When doing Grade R, I felt I had no clue what I was doing, and I didn't know what to write for my teaching philosophy, but as the years went on in this degree, I slowly started grounding myself and embracing the kind, passionate, generous person I am. I knew I had a passion for this degree and career and only as I did teaching experience and having the opportunity to learn all new modules, I now know exactly how and what type of teacher I would like to aspire to be.
The goals that I have for my learners is that they are able to comprehend everything that I teach them and that they follow and understand my lessons. My learners must feel safe and comfortable in my classroom and school environment physically and socially. They must socialize well with other peers and help each other in class if one peer is stronger academically then another child. My learners should be eager and excited to be learning new knowledge and skills and have them engaging and participating in all school activities. Learners in my class must feel confident in their own work when doing tasks and not leaning on other learners for help. Yes, the teacher and other learners are always there to assist when needed but my learners need to be able to complete tasks on their own if it is an individual task or activity. It important that my learners are organized and develop good time management so that they learn to be on time and arrange everything they need for lessons in the right place and organized well, which will teach them to be responsible and have pride in their attitude towards schooling. My learners need to feel as though they can ask me anything and that no question is a silly/dumb question as whatever they may ask, might help out another learner who had the same question. They must always feel comfortable and feel good to approach me at my desk if they need assistance or guidance on a task/activity.
Classroom Management
My Classroom Management Tool was star charts. Each learner had their own star chart and was rewarded with stars every time a learner ate all their healthy food first, or tidied up the classroom at the end of the end, those are just some examples. I printed a star chart on word and then cut it out and laminated it for each learner to have. Every day, each learner was watched and observed carefully and rewarded with stars when behavior or attitude were amazing and duties in the classroom and classroom rules were adhered to by the learners. Being kind to others, helping others who are struggling, and respecting the teacher were also examples of when learners got stars. Once there star chart was full, they would be rewarded with a beautiful gem, which they love to collect and play with, and the learners absolutely loved this way of controlling the class.
Photos of Classroom Management Tool
Reflection on Classroom Management Tool
I really enjoyed doing this classroom management tool because it really worked. The learners knew when and why they were getting a star so when they eat healthy food, was kind, or helped others or even tidied up at the end of the day, they wanted the starts to get the Gems, but they had to be good in order to achieve those stars. Because it was a system i used everyday, the learners behaved well because they want to earn stars and put them on their charts. they were excited to get that Gem in the end when their chart was full, then I would just print another grid and the learner would start all over again with stars. It definitely helped my classroom management and it was a fun and creative way to discipline learners, in a positive and exciting way.