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Poppies are Precious

by Mrs Gurley


Poppies are Precious
Poppies, Poppies.....Everywhere!
Why should we wear them? Why should we care?

They help us remember the soldiers who died
To keep us all wear them with pride
The soldiers went off....By foot, boat and planes
They fought in hot sun, cold wind, snow and rains

The soldiers missed home, they felt really sad
They needed a cuddle....From Mum or from Dad
Some soldiers came back, and some...they did not
And that is why soldiers.....Should not be forgot!

Some hurt their bodies, and needed their bed
Some hurt their minds, inside of their head
Did you know soldiers, do more than just fight?
They help keep us we can sleep tight

Mr Gurley is a soldier, and he helped to build a school
The children out in Africa, thought that was pretty cool!

He's a Soldier and a Diver...My, what a clever chap
Mrs Gurley thought by now he would have fixed that dripping tap!
We have made a special poppy, for everyone to see
To remember all the soldiers, who died to keep us free

This special Rosebank Poppy is made with tender care
To thank soldiers up in heaven....And soldiers everywhere