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Black Death

by Navnidh Yarram


Black Death
By Navnidh Reddy Yarram
Dedication page

To doctors and nurses who helped and died to save citizens from the world in the pandemic of Black Death, this book is also for citizens around the world so that we can help each other.
Dedication page

To doctors and nurses who helped and died to save citizens from the world in the pandemic of Black Death, this book is also for citizens around the world so that we can help each other.
Table of Contents

2.What is a pandemic and epidemic
3.Black Death
4.Historical Fiction Story
5.Essay about Black Death
6.What happened to Europe Once the Black Death came
7.Survival tips to Avoid Black Death
11.Work Cited

In the middle ages.For over 500 years we were trying to adjust with this really deadly virus which is the Black Death. This pandemic has changed our lives,our way of living.We are dying because of this virus. We have been wearing masks for sometime. But for others mostly in Europe 45 to 80 million were infected and killed.

   This book explores the history of pandemics, in the first chapter we will have all about pandemics and the subheadings will be what causes a pandemic and epidemic, The first pandemic, Recent pandemic, and our last one how being subheadings will be about when it started, how it started, which countries did it spread to, what happens if you get infected by it, the symptoms. Our third chapter will be about a story about me  getting the black death, and our last chapter will be about the Black Death again but as an essay.

   Readers, let's dive into this mysterious virus called the black death and let us learn about our vital question “Was the black death one of the deadliest pandemic or outbreak during the middle ages”?quarantine cures you, our second chapter will be about the Black Death and the 
This is a time machine that will be going to be made
What is a pandemic and Epidemic
What causes a pandemic and epidemic
   Pandemic or epidemic are caused when food or water is infected by a 
Disease. For example, typhus, black death, malaria, and covid-19. The disease can be harmful or non harmful. Pandemics are caused when the whole world gets it but an epidemic is when only a country gets it. For example, the covid-19 is a disease that caused the recent pandemic but the Black Death from the middle ages was and it was mostly actually a pandemic.

The First Pandemic
   The first pandemic was the H1N1 flu. The first appearance was in the year 1918-1919. People suffered from a sudden or very high fever, dry cough, headaches and body aches, sore throat, chills, runny nose, loss of  appetite, and also extreme tiredness(fatigue).The H1N1 infected healthy adults 15 to 34 years of adult age. It also infected youngsters at the age of five years old,20 to 40 years old,  65 years and older. The animal that caused this virus is a wild waterfowl.

Recent Pandemic
   The recent pandemic we are dealing with right now from 2019-2023 is the new coronavirus or covid-19. There are four ,major variants from covid Alpha,Beta,Delta,Omicron. Delta is the most deadliest variant out of all of them. It is the most deadly because it can silently replicate themselves, also it replicates fast and spreads more easily than others. In other words replicate means that it can copy itself multiple times. Covid-19 is not that harmful sometimes. Take Omicron as an example. It is not that harmful to kids but it can sometimes be harmful to adults. Sometimes it can(Omicron) lead to death to adults if not treated and sometimes even if treated, can still lead to death sometimes.

How Quarantining Cures You
   It cures people because if someone gets infected they are in their houses because they are quarantined but if someone in the house gets infected the are in the house so it can not spread to others outside.It will help us get better because the virus cannot spread and the treatment that the doctor gave can work and the virus will die.