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Tregolls Nursery Starters 2023-24

by Tregolls


Welcome to Tregolls Nursery 2023-24
Welcome to Aspire Nurseries
Aspire Nurseries, led by qualified and knowledgeable staff, lay firm foundations for children in their early years. A qualified teacher from each school oversees the curriculum, learning environments and learning outcomes in conjunction with the Nursery Lead.
Staff strive to ensure all children have an equal chance of success, informed by knowledge of what can be achieved.

Our nurseries, the children, families, our dedicated teams and the local community, are an integral part of the Aspire Academy Trust. We recognise the need for high quality early education where children flourish through the love and care given by all of our practitioners. 

We know the importance for our nurseries to have strong and respectful partnerships with parents so every child can develop during their early years and that everyone plays an active role in ensuring this is successful.

Our number one goal is to ensure all children, within our family of nurseries, grow stronger and achieve through high-quality early education and the care that we are able to offer.
Getting learning off to a flying start!
Aspire Vision
"By working together and inspiring excellence; we enable our children to excel both academically and in character."

Our mission statement is a declaration of the reason for our very existence, our core purpose. It brings clarity and meaning to the trust's overall strategy, which in turn provides the purpose and direction for all staff.

"Nurturing curiosity, resilience, respect and excellence; our children will thrive and live life well."

Our vision statement is inspirational, aspirational, motivational and achievable, capturing the essence of what the children leaving our academies will carry with them into their adult futures.

Aspire Values
The Aspire values are the foundation blocks of the trust. These core principles guide and direct us, our culture and behaviours. They act as our moral compass throughout the working day.

"We imagine possibilities and make them real"

"We believe in ourselves, in heart, mind and soul"

"We dare to be different and follow our dreams"

"We nurture trust and respect and do what is right"

"We find a way or make a way"

"We strive to achieve our absolute best"
Welcome to Tregolls Nursery
I am very proud to be the Head of Tregolls Academy and Nursery. On behalf of our amazing pupils, dedicated staff, parents and hub councillors I would like to welcome you to our school.

We aim to provide the best possible educational outcomes for the pupils in our care. Through our child-centred curriculum, children are encouraged to be independent learners and achieve their full potential. We have high expectations of what can be achieved, and we believe that learning should be both stimulating and enjoyable.

Our highly skilled staff and active hub council ensure that every child feels safe and secure allowing them to become happy and have successful learning experiences. We ensure that the welfare of every child is the concern of every member of staff.

I hope that you find this booklet useful and we look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful school.

Welcome from EYFS Lead
Hello and WELCOME to Tregolls Academy!

I am the EYFS lead for Tregolls Academy. I am very proud to be leading an experienced and passionate EYFS team.
Our EYFS provision, both inside and outside, has recently had a big revamp and we can't wait for you to explore this further. Our children in EYFS get off to a flying start with fun and exciting learning opportunities from the moment you walk through the door.

We look forward to meeting our new starters and get to know their families.

Miss Beale