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ENGL 2320 Syllabus F22

by Emily Beckwith


ENGL 2320:
British Literature, 1700-Present
London, England, Empire
Fall 2022 ~ CRN 17207
Welcome to ENGL 2320! I'm your instructor, Emily Beckwith. I'm a 5th year PhD candidate in the English department, which means I'm working on becoming a Dr. but am not one quite yet. So feel free to call me Emily or Ms. Beckwith. I use she/her pronouns.

Here's a little about me. My main area of study is 19th-century British literature. I love working with novels, newspapers, and anything to do with Wales. When I'm not researching, writing, or teaching, I enjoy tending my indoor succulent garden, taking walks and photographing nature, watching British TV shows, figuring out how to make recipes gluten- and dairy-free, traveling with my husband, and cuddling any and all available dogs.
A photo of Emily Beckwith in a field, with the sun behind her and a tree on the right.
A photo of a Christmas tree farm on a cloudy day.
And since this course will focus on space and place, here are some places that are special to me:
~ The Christmas tree farm in Salem, Oregon, where I grew up (see photo to the left).
~ Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, where I attended undergrad, made life-long friends, and met my husband.
~ Corvallis, Oregon, where I did my Masters program and got married.
~ Germany, where I have done 2 study abroad programs and have very good family friends.
Course Description
In this course, we will explore a variety of forms and genres of British literature from 1700 to the present, with a particular focus on space and place across time and texts. Our exploration will start in London and gradually expand outward to England and the British Empire. As we engage with the texts in critical and creative ways, we will be guided by several questions, including:

~ How do characters, narrators/speakers, and readers physically, mentally, and emotionally experience a place?
~ How do the experiences of a given place shift over time?
~ How is that experience conveyed by authors (in terms of content, form, genre, etc.)?
Course Meeting Times: Tuesdays/Thursdays 11:10am-12:25pm
Course Location: Geography Geology Room 200B
Instructor Name:
Ms. Emily Beckwith (she/her/hers)
Instructor Email:
English Department Phone Number:
Office: Park Hall 18
Student Meeting Hours:
Tuesdays 12:45-2:15pm
Wednesdays 10:30am-12:00pm
Please visit this link to schedule.
Appointments at other times welcome!
Land and Labor Acknowledgement
I would like us to recognize, especially since our course focuses on place, that our activities at UGA take place on land that European colonizers stole from Indigenous peoples through violence. Eleven different Native American tribes lived on what is now considered Georgia. The Athens area included the Mvskoke Creek (Muscogee and Creek), and possibly Cherokee. Enslaved people (primarily Indigenous and of African descent) likely provided exploited labor on the land where the University of Georgia was built. The contributions and history of these peoples has not been a part of the collective consciousness in our UGA community. As we begin and/or continue to understand the history of education and our own roles in these systems and institutions, it is important for each of us to recognize the histories of and on this land as integral to becoming thoughtful and inclusive citizens.

For more information about indigenous land, please visit and
Learning Community: Accessible, Equitable, Inclusive
I believe everyone should be able to pursue their education with as few barriers as possible. Your success in this class is important to me, so I’ll do what I can to create a learning community that is conducive to achievement and learning for all students. I’m not the only one in this classroom though, so creating our learning community will be a team effort. Here are some of the ways we can do that:

~ Communicate respectfully, both in-person and online, in discussion and written work. This includes, but is not limited to: expressing differences of opinion with composure, reason, and sensitivity; receiving the opinions of others in the same way; and using inclusive language (such as a person’s preferred name or pronouns).

~ Recognize that we all have something to teach and all have something to learn, so be open-minded and ready to support each other throughout the semester.

~ Cohort participation. For each of the three units in this course, you will be in a cohort of 4-5 people. Your cohorts are your support network for the course as well as your collaborators. In your cohort, you will take group quizzes, collaborate on projects, and peer review each other’s work. In forming these cohorts, I will consider your input as much as possible; I will gather your input through surveys.
Additionally, I can’t read your mind, so I’ll need your input more generally on what I can do to improve the accessibility, equitability, and inclusivity of the course for you individually. This could be through suggestions based on your previous (learning) experiences or current circumstances, and/or through official Disability Resource Center accommodations. If you are registered with the DRC, I should automatically receive information from the DRC, but I also encourage you to meet with me to discuss how your accommodations relate to this course specifically. If you believe you are eligible for accommodations but have not yet registered with the DRC, I encourage you to do so as soon as possible. The DRC can be reached by visiting Clark Howell Hall, calling 706-542-8719 (voice) or 706-542-8778 (TTY), emailing, or by visiting
Mental Health and Wellness Resources
~ If you or someone you know needs assistance, you are encouraged to contact Student Care and Outreach in the Division of Student Affairs at 706-542-7774 or visit They will help you navigate any difficult circumstances you may be facing by connecting you with the appropriate resources or services.
~ UGA has several resources for a student seeking mental health services ( or crisis support (
~ If you need help managing stress anxiety, relationships, etc., please visit BeWellUGA ( for a list of FREE workshops, classes, mentoring, and health coaching led by licensed clinicians and health educators in the University Health Center.
~ Additional resources can be accessed through the UGA App.