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Gabby’s Sketchbook!

by Gabby


Gabby’s Sketchbook!
By Gabby
Skill 1: Experimenting with Fonts!
Skill 1: What I learned!
Experimenting with fonts was our introduction to Sketches Pro. The goal was to incorporate many different tools provided in the app to make a fun styled version of your name. From simply sketching my name I learned so much. I learned how to create different textures with each brush, the power of shading with an airbrush, and how to colour fill. This first skill is just the beginning of my sketching skills!
Skill 2: Drawing our Favourite Emoji!
Skill 2: What I Learned!
Drawing you Favourite Emoji was the hardest skill for me. I went through multiple emoji ideas before settling on my final draft and struggled to perfect the proportions. However, because of my struggles I learned many new things to keep in mind. I learned how to use the ruler tool, the colour colour matching tool, and how to remind myself that I do not always have to be perfect. Even though this skill was the toughest for me, I persisted and learned much more about myself.