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Going Coastal 2023

by PLP 8


Oregon Trip!
Replace this box with a map shows Vancouver to Newport, then add a drawing tracing the route of our trip.
I am very excited to try Tillamook Dairy Co-Ops cheese and see how all their products are made.
I am excited to see the wolves at Wolf Haven! I have seen a wold once before in Fort Langley and he was very cool. I want to hear one howl and see how the behave with us there. Hopefully it will be fun!
Oregon Day 1
Travelling South with a stop at Cabela's!
This video was taken just after our lunch at Clarks! The whole class was standing outside of the restaurant motioning for the cars and trucks to honk at us. This was a really fun first filmed memory of the trip. I can’t wait to make more awesome memories!
Cabelas visit!
Human target, ammo and many guns for sale
The Astoria Column
The Astoria Column is ___125___ feet tall and is covered on the outside by a ____frieze__ that depicts ____Oregon __ ___history____.
Speech Bubble