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MERIT 23 Travel Book

by Victoria Lin


Passport Book
by Victoria Lin
Day #1 Reflection
Give students space to reflect on and explore their identity using the identity portrait activity, then share.
Attach to Sawubona unit.
Make students create names and dances for their groups at the beginning of the year
Day #2 Reflection
Remember why I teach:
Anything Shakespeare!
The Great Gatsby
Pride and Prejudice
Use BookCreator for reading response assignments!
Day #2 Reflection (Cont.)
TPACK Reflections
Even on Discord, belonging in their own positive identity needs to come first for students
google Speech-to-text for essay brainstorming
Speech Bubble
Having video recordings of major assignment instructions so students who need instructional audio have access to it
Thought Bubble
Day #2 Reflection (Cont.)
Day #3 Reflection
Comic Panel 1
Workshift Flow #2
Shifting to student-led discussions:
1. Set norms for discussions (what behaviors don't belong)
2. Teach what a good discussion looks like (use videos, give sentence frames)
3. Give options for discussion types (both in-person i.e. fishbowl, Socratics, group graffiti, etc.; and asynchronous i.e. Discord, Blackboard, Nearpod Collab board, etc.)
4. Teach how to self-assess mastery of discussions (give self-assessment & reflection choice boards)
Comic Panel 2
Workshift Flow #3
Comic Panel 3
Record myself reading the book!
Comic Panel 4
help students identify reading and writing skills they want to improve
Skill Strategy Groups