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Start, Stop, Continue, or Change?

by Kassidy Hetzel


Start, Stop, Continue, or Change?
A Conversation Protocol
Covid-19 Revolutionizes the importance of Online Learning and YOUR EXPERTISE
When the pandemic began, JVA was forced to think about our school's focus of improving the student experience within a whole new structure. We have adapted to a 100% VIRTUAL learning environment while we were all trying to understand the new world put before us and our families. Each and every one of you, have shown your EXCELLENCE and EXPERTISE and a true dedication to your PROFESSIONAL CAPITAL. Your efforts over the past eleven months have had a phenomenal impact on our school and our students. Both our school and our students are THRIVING in a time when so many others are struggling, and that is because of YOU and your hard work! Be proud of the data on the next page, and keep up the GREAT WORK and dare to be even better!
While we can't predict when we will be able to reopen our building, one thing I do know is that we can PREPARE and PLAN for what we want each of our programs to look like WHEN we GET to welcome our students back to campus! We are in a unique position to think about our programs and our team calibration in ways that we haven't been able to do before. The data is showing that our virtual environment is VERY successful, so what does that mean to what our programs have looked like in the past?
Today, I ask each team to consider this question moving forward:
What do we as a team need to START, STOP, CONTINUE, or CHANGE to improve the student experience at JVA?
Principles to Guide your REFLECTION and PLANNING
Comic Panel 1
SUMMARIZE impressions and RECALL supporting information
Comic Panel 2
ANALYZE causal factors
CONSTRUCT new learning(s)
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Comic Panel 4
SPECIFIY success indicators
Comic Panel 5
COMMIT to application and clarify goals
REFLECT and IMPROVE your program strategies as your user experience data indicates change is needed!
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