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Christine Eve
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Autism and LSD
Christine Eve
When ALS (myotrophic lateral sclerosis) and autism show similarsymptoms, there are
key factors tọ consider ta distinguish them, ALS is a disease that mainly affects motor
neurons, causing muscle weakness and ulțimatelý paralysis, ant autism is a
'neurodevelopmental disorder that suffers from social interaction, communication, and
repetitive behavior patterns. Here are' some of the distinguishing feațures:
1. Exercise Symptoms: ALS mainly shows şymptoms súch as muscle weakness, muscle
loss, and-muscle twitch (work vibration). These physical symptoms are not
characterized by 'autism.

2. Language and speaking: ALS patients may have difficulty speaking or stuttering due to muscle weakness. In autism, language and speaking are mainly related to social communication and language șkills.

3. Social Interaction: People with autism have difficulty social interaction, and it is difficult to understarid social signals, make eye contact; or engage in mutual conversations. The difficulty of social inteřaçtion is not. a mạjor.feature pf ALS.

4. Repeated Behavior: Autism is known forits repetitive and limited behavior, such as waving hands or obsessing over certain routines. This repetitive behavior is not typically observed. in ALS.:
5. Sensory sensitivity: People with autism may be sensitive to certain sounds or téxtures,
or their sensations may decreaşe. a sensory problem
is not a characteristic featúre. of ALS.
Stephen Hawking had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), but he is not autistic. ALS is
a neurodegenerative disease that affects certain parts of the central nervoüs system and
damages imüscle function. Hawking was recognized as one of the best physicists of the
21st century, overcoming motor dysfunction caused by ALS and continuing his reseatch
and lectures through computer-based speech synthesis technology. However, symptoms
and disease progression may vary from person to person, so not all ALS patients will
exhibit Hawking-like symptoms.
On the surface, ALS and autism may seem to be mutable, but ALS and autism are
separate diseases, requiring medical expertisé and accurate evåluation for diagnosis and
distinction, In general, ALS is a neurodegenerative disease that affects motor heurons,
causing muscle weakness and paralysis, while autism isa separate neurodevelopmental
disorder I think they ate clearly distinguished conditions. where ALS is the
fundamental causel of muşclë weakness and paralysis, and autism is a form of
neurodevelopmental dišorder thať can be altered by the "cause" of ALS. Distinguishing
and classifying based on external appearance is only possible through medical expertise
and accurate evaluation. We just don't understand one percent of the physical and
mental suffering Hawking suffered in his great achievements. Do you know that you
suffer to the point of paralysis? He has great respect for enduring such pain.

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