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by Sinead I. Duignan


What are proteins?
Nutritional guidelines suggest a daily intake of:
56 grams per average sedentary man. 46 grams per day for the average sedentary women. Athletes and heavy exercisers should aim for 2.2 - 3.4 grams of protein per kg body weight.
Daily protein intake
Proteins are one of the building blocks. They are essential nutrients for the human body. They are used to make muscles, tendons, organs and skin as well as enzymes, and hormones.
What happens if you don't take in enough protein?
What happens if you take too much protein
Examples of Protein
Protein supplements
Protein supplements come in different forms. Tablets, bars, powders and gels. Some forms are absorbed quicker than others. They are a convenient but read the label before hand.
Pros and Cons of protein supplements