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Our First Day at Taco Bell

by Pierce Johnson

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River and Pierce's First Day at Taco Bell
River and I had just arrived for our first day on the job at taco bell. When we arrived, we met the manager and put on our uniforms. We dove straight in with our manager telling us,"You guys will learn the 7 functions of marketing on your first day. One task is Market Planning We see on our computer the store has had around 1,900 dollars in sales on Saturdays. So, we will plan to sell 2,000 dollars today, set our goal high everyday. This is market planning."
"Oh man!" Pierce thought to himself,"this is awesome"
No way we will get close to $2,000 on the day.
I think it will be closer than you think. This place is always packed.
"Now, we will sell in the drive thru. This is just trying to get our customers to buy our product, or offering at least. Offer to the customers in the drive thru if they would like to try our new nacho fries. This will better respond to the wants and needs of our target selling group." "So we are advertising our product basically?" Says Raven. "Yes! We are our own advertisement.", says the manager.
Would you like to try our new nach fries today?
Only $2.99!
Channel Management
"There is always a person guiding the orders from the kitchen all the way to the customer. They are the channel manager. You will be that person for a little bit today! For every order, give the cooks in the back a receipt saying what is needed. Once the order is ready from the back, bring it to the front and give it to the cashier to give to the customer. That is a channel." Beasty boy asks, "So do I need to tell them the order or just hand it to them?" The manager replies,"You can do either or both, it doesn't matter as long as they get the order in their hands."
Here you go chef! Two soft tacos and a chicken chalupa!
Marketing Information Management
"This function is all about the customers. We need their feedback in order to improve our company and its products. For every order, we have a scannable survey at the bottom letting the customers rate their outing and speak out to the customers and let them know about pricing." "This is very helpful for our company!", Raven says.
Feel free to let us know how your experience was with the scannable bar code at the bottom of the receipt!
"We have a new item, the Supreme Crunchwrap! We are going to be promoting it to the public on all four sides of our building. Could you put up these signs with the new Crunchwrap on it? This will inform and promote the Crunchwrap to the customers." "Sure thing boss! I will do that right now!", Raven said.
Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy that is one sooooweeeeeet sign
"We offer a discount to our senior citizens over 80 ,veterans, and students from colleges in St. Jo, mostly MWSU.", said the manager. Raven replies, "How does this benefit us?" "This looks very good to customers, but we still make money off each item and it pays off in the long run, making more sales than before!"
Product Service Management
In our drive thru, we give out our food inside of a plastic container, so the food is in its own box along with the bag with the food in it. This gets rid of any physical contact with the customer and employee, keeping us safer from Covid! This is product service management, improving our product.
Have a good night!