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by 卂sʜƖᴇყ sᎥᴍᴘ


Cause you know that Ari I
I'm your biggest fan
I'll follow you until you notice me
Ari, Ariana
There's no other celebrity
That I admire more than you
You have a good taste in everything
I have always dreamed of being like you
I look up to you every day
You're a great singer
And you have tons of fans
I've always a place in my heart for you
You've inspired me a lot
I'm so grateful to know you
You are the kindest person I have seen
Your songs
Your voice
Everything is perfect about you
Ari, Ariana
Oh, Ariana
You are inspiring me every single day
Oh, Ariana
I could listen to your songs nonstop
Oh, Ariana
You gave my life the joy I really needed
Oh, Ariana
I really love you from the bottom of my heart
Oh, Ariana
I was so obsessed watching you play Cat Valentine
Oh, Ariana
I love your songs more than anything in the world except for file
Oh, Ariana
You don't know how much I really love you
Oh, Ariana
I hope you'll notice me one day
Oh, Ariana
I would never replace you with anyone at all
Oh, Ariana
You'll always stay my idol number 1
We're always together
No matter what happens

We are inseparable
Nothing could change that

Together we're unstoppable
Don't try to tear us apart

I can't imagine my life without you
Nor like an hour

I'm sure that I found my soulmate
And that's you
This is one whole poem. I divided this into 2 pages because I didn't have enough space.
This is one whole poem. I divided this into 2 pages because I didn't have enough space.
We've been through a lot
But that made us closer

I cherish the seconds we talk
Especially the funny ones

I love you so much
From the bottom of my heart
And I'm sure you do too

We pretend that we're twins
But we both know that we're ones

We do sometimes fight
Yet still, I love you

I'm so glad that I met you
I hope till d3@th we'll stay together