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Schools for future

by Inken Hoischen

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Schools for future
be part in creating an eco-friendly world
a project made by four schools from
Croatia, Germany, Latvia and Spain
Table of content
Create awareness
Small activities and projects
Profound changes at the school
10 tipps to live more eco-friendly
Why did we do the project?
During the project, the students came up with many ideas how to create awareness about climate change and what to do about it. 

The Croatian students created stickers, to put above sinks and light switches, that will remind you to turn them off after you have used them.
Collecting batteries
The Latvian pupils collected 21 kilograms of old batteries.
These batteries were donated to a company that recycles them and the school intends to participate in this activity every year from now on.
Rounded Rectangle
Rounded Rectangle
Rounded Rectangle
Collecting crown caps
Lately, there has been a glass box in the German school where students and teachers have been collecting crown caps so they won‘t be thrown away.
Poster competition
In Croatia, there was a competition about the best awareness poster and many pupils participated.
For creating awareness, the schools in the Erasmus+ project made
great example for recycling and reusable things.
The students from Latvia and Croatia made beautiful Christmas ornaments out of bottle caps, corks and bags: