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How Our Houses Came To Be

by Ben Hawkins


How Our Houses Came To Be

If you look closely at our house flags, you will see that each of them has an animal on them. Why are they there? Let me tell you…

Long ago in the mists of time, before the teachers were born, animals roamed this land on which our school now stands.

There was no school building, only thick woods, open grassland and wide blue skies through which the animals soared, galloped and sheltered. The land was different back then and the ocean of Aqaba, full
of majestic manta rays and colourful clown fish, was close by. There were mammals and reptiles, amphibians and birds. The animals were happy because they worked together. The animals of Naour were united. 

There were four leaders amongst the animals of Naour.

Front Cover by Taleen 4S
Jerash the wolf was cunning and clever, always able to think her way out of
and around a problem. Jerash used her cunning to help her fellow animals.
Jerash was always able to do the thinking if the animals of Naour were ever
stuck. Oh the stories you could tell about Jerash!
by Freya 5I
Wadi Rum the hawk was blessed with amazing foresight, both in her view of the skies and her wisdom about the future. Wadi Rum was always able to advise on the right way forward and kept a watchful eye over all the animals.
Illustration by Isa 4I
Petra the horse was dependable, strong and loyal. He was always there when times became hard. He would work hard and tirelessly for the good of the group, never complaining and always giving his best.
Illustration by Heba 5I
Aqaba the ray understood everything and everyone with amazing intuition, and understood like no one else how land, sea and sky were connected. Aqaba made
sure the animals looked after each other, but also their habitat. After all, an animal
without a habitat is not a happy animal.
by Victoria 5I