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My Immigrant Journey:
Filomena Pascarella, Italy 1902
By: Mrs. Farley
August 7, 1902 Cervino, Italy (Near Naples)

Sifting through the crumbled rubble that was once my bedroom shakes my soul. An emotional shutter exists that is stronger than a tornado. My Messina: a mess.
My Younger sister Maria sits by my side. "Do you think Vincenzo is alright?" Her soggy socks squish as she walks around.
"He is fine," I lie. "He's a tough one."
As I try to piece my parcels together which I had already packed, I try not to think of the neighbors that I have lost in this latest earthquake. The rising sun awakes the crying village after a sleepless night. The warm rays shine down on me and distracts me from my current situation.
I wish our ship's departure on the Liguria had been scheduled for last week. If one had asked me yesterday, "Filomena, how do you feel about starting a new life in America," I would have replied, "Terrorizzato, terrified." Now after this disaster, "Motto sollevato, relieved." Relieved to reunite with mother, father and then Francesco to escape this nightmare.

Father has already arrived and settled in New York City with a job. He was unable to find decent work here and we had too many mouths to feed. He has written to us that he is working to build structures that practically touch the sky! Francesco has found work on the Railroad in a place called Rochester. Apparently they have a whole neighborhood there that speaks Italia! He has said there is work for me there, a girl of 20 can find seamstress work easily or perhaps work in one of the nearby bakeries.
Next week can't come soon enough. I have heard over the last 20 years almost 1 million have fled Italy for a better life in America. Our government continues to do nothing for us here and the jobs have been more and more scarce especially after each disaster we have endured. I am looking forward to our new life and I hope that it will be all that I dreamed of for me and my family!
Filomena Pascarella

Filomena's Family 1900
August 28th, Ellis Island NYC, 1902
Today is the day! Today is the day I arrive in America! Although I have travelled alone, I have been emozionato, excited the entire time!
September 13, 1902 Rochester, NY
I made it! I have arrived by train to live here with my older brother, Francesco.