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The Smith's
By: Katelyn Silva
One sunny morning Olivia went to the park with her brother, Henry. While at the park, Olivia started feeling pain in her tarsals after falling off the swing.
Olivia's mom, Veronica, took her to the Podiatrist. At the doctor Olivia sees a Radiologist or an x-ray. After her x-ray he doctor told her that she had a complete fracture in her metatarsals. The doctor then referred her to an Orthopedic Surgeon.
When Olivia is at the orthopedic surgeon, the doctor tells her that she didn't have a complete fracture, but a partial fracture. The doctor then tells her that she needs to start seeing a physical therapist. Olivia and her family were happy to find out that she didn't have a complete fracture. Olivia is disappointed to find out that she won't be able to play sports for awhile.
8 weeks later Olivia starts to see the athletic trainer at her school.

Olivia was excited to find out that her older brother, Jason, was coming home for a couple weeks. When Jason gets home he starts complaining of pain in his lumbar vertebrae. His mom, Veronica, suggests that he goes to see a chiropractor.
Once at the chiropractor the doctor tells him he has scoliosis.