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ABC's of Australia-Second Edit

by Mrs. Chittenden's Third Grade 2022


The ABC's of Australia
A is for Anzac Day
Anzac Day was to honor soilders. It is celebrated on April 25. Anzac Day was a world war through 1914-1918 and it was first observed on April 25 1916.
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By Aliya I.
B is for boxing day
Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.
It falls on December 26. That date is also St. Stephen's Day.
The exact origin of the holiday is unknown.
By Harrison H.
C is for Cricket

-By Shaun Cando
Cricket is a sport from Austrsilia which you play with a bat.
Cricket is a sport like
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This a cricket player who hit the ball
There are two team in each game of cricket
D is for Didgeredoo
A Didgeridoo are musical instruments that were invented by Alborgines
Didgeridoos were invented very very long ago
A Didgeridoo sounds like animal calls, a bubbling brook, or roaring thunder
By. Arhaan R.
E is for Emu
The Emu can run very fast.
The Emu is 51/2 feet tall.
Female Emus lay 8 to 10 green eggs.
Emus eat fruit and other plants.
The Emu can not fly.
By: Frankie S.