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Built on gold

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Built On Gold
The many uses of gold
By Cooper Lovig 5AS
10 Fun Facts About Gold
1. Gold is extremely ductile. ... 
2. The first Gold coins appeared around 700 BC.
3. The melting point of Gold is 1,064.43°C (1,947.97°F).
4. Gold found in riverbeds and sifted from rushing water is called 'Alluvial Gold'.
5. Gold has been mined for over 5,000 years.
7. Gold is edible; Gold flakes may be added to food and drink.
6. Gold is the most non-reactive of all metals and does not rust.
8. Scientists in Australia have found Gold particles in the leaves of Eucalyptus Trees.
9. On the periodic table of elements, Gold's symbol is AU.
10. A one troy ounce Gold nugget is rarer to find than a five-carat Diamond.
Welcome Stranger Nugget
Two Cornish miners found the huge nugget dubbed the Welcome Stranger while prospecting in the gold fields of Victoria, Australia on 5 February 1869. It weighed 11 stone (72kg) and was 61cm long (24 inches) when it was found buried just below the surface.
It was at Moliagul on February 5, 1869 — just three-quarters of a century ago to-day — that John Deason unearthed the largest nugget of gold found in the world, — the Welcome Stranger.
It was found in 1858 at the diggings of Ballarat, Victoria. The proprietors of a "hole" went away to lunch, leaving a hired man digging with a pickaxe. After the pick struck something, the workman dug around it to see what it was, then he fainted.
Shaft And Alluvial Mining
Alluvial mining is an old technology, but it’s still fairly common today. Some mining companies use the technique, though it’s more often a source of income for individual laborers in areas like Africa and South America. The equipment includes a sluice-box (left), prospector's pan (middle) and cradle (right).
Shaft mining or shaft sinking is excavating a vertical or near-vertical tunnel from the top down, where there is initially no access to the bottom. Pickaxe and Shovel Pickaxe was used to break apart solid pieces of rock and dirt so it could be placed either straight into a cradle or in the case of shaft mining, in a bucket to be brought up from the shaft mine and then put through the cradle.
Ballarat is the third largest inland city in Australia in terms of population.
The city of Ballarat was established in 1838.
Ned Kelly
1. was the eldest son of eight children to John 'Red' Kelly and Ellen Quinn

2. as a child, saved another boy from drowning – the boy's family awarded him a green silk sash in recognition of his bravery
3. In 1855, Ned Kelly was born to John ‘Red’ Kelly and Ellen Quinn in the town of Beveridge, Victoria.
4. At 14 years old Ned Kelly’s life of crime began when he was arrested for six months allegedly assaulting a Chinese man. The following year he was arrested again, this time because the police suspected he was the accomplice of a prominent bushranger. However, both charges were dismissed.