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Sophia Dean

by Sophia Dean


All about the rain forest
Table of contents
Authors note 3
Brodys naritive 4
My naritve 5
partner naritive 6
Authors note
In the book I used concrete language so I used page 39 of the book, so I used the sensory details they used  in my book so you can get the same details that you would have got from the most beautiful roof in the world. I also looked for more information about the text.

I wrote from the first person point of view to help get the perspective of Meg Lowman. So that you can picture in your mind of what is happening. I also described where they were and what time it was and what they were doing and why. Also so that you can understand what it was like.

In the book I hope you learn more about the sensory details and concrete language. I want you to learn that with concrete language you can image things that if you don't have concrete language you wont picture it i also want you to learn more about the rainforest.  Like the animals and the plants and how they survive in the wild alone.
Brodys naritive
 Me, my mom, and Edward are going up into the trees, which is the rainforest canopy. Like I said earlier, the people I'm with are my mom and Edward, my brother and
  My mom is scared that me and my brother are not going to be safe. So I tell her that we will be ok and that we are fine. I also say that we will be fine because me and my brother are in between her and uncle Ed. So we will be ok because we have her and uncle Ed.

But she keeps worrying about us and I try to stop her from worrying. But she doesn't listen so I try and try and try but it's no use. So we just started going up into the very tall canopy.

My naritive
We are about to climb up to the canopy but I am worried because it is the boys' first time.  I'm scared that one of the boys is going  to fall or get hurt when they're in the canopy or they get hurt just going  up in the canopy. 

  so we climbed up into the canopy and the boys are really existed but im really nervous for the safety of them. We are climbing up in the canopy and I keep repeating it and I think the boys are getting annoyed. i heard the boys say to there is a cool bug

  we finally get up there. I see that the boys are really excited and safe now. I'm not as worried as before.