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Exploring BeeBots

by Elisha Smith


Exploring Bee Bots
What are BeeBots?
BeeBots are a type of robot that integrates technology into the classroom. They are used to teach young children basic coding and computer skills. Located at the top of the Bot, there is a variety of control buttons. These buttons allow the Bot to move forward, backward, right, left, and to pause.
Bee Bots can be integrated into any subject.
In Geography, children could use the BeeBots to explore the world map. By placing the Bot on a large map and programming it to travel to the country they want.
They are also useful in English as the children could create a story about where the BeeBot travels.
In Mathematics the Bots could be used to play games that require the use of addition and subtraction. Useful Mathematics lessons that use Beebots can be found in the link below:
5 Mathematics Bee-Bot Lesson Ideas for the Classroom (
BeeBots are also a useful resource in the Infant classroom. These Bots aid in teaching young children directions like forward, backward, right, and left in a fun and interactive manner. After inputting each command, the Bee-Bot beeps and blinks, which allows the child to count its movements and follow the sequence of code they develop to ensure its accuracy. This allows children to create algorithms while developing their problem-solving skills in a fun environment.