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Sir Isaac Newton by P6/7

by Glenurquhart P6/7


Facts about sir Isaac newton
By P6/7
Introduction: Who was Sir Isaac Newton?
Isaac Newton was a very good man. He discovered gravity and more. He was born in 1643 and died in 1727. He was born in the UK. And the tree that the apple fell on his head that tree is still growing!
What is the difference between Maths & Physics?
Physics is learning about making real ideas. Even though you use a lot of maths in physics they are very different.
In maths you learn about all possible situations even if they are not real.
It is interesting how Isaac Newton discovered gravity. He was just sitting reading a book under a tree when a single apple fell on top of his head. He wondered how that little apple fell down and not side ways or up. And that is how he discovered gravity.
Isaac Newton described gravity as a pulling force that keeps people on the ground rather then floating off into space. He also noted that gravity keeps the moon in orbit, which means keeping it in place rather then it going of to a different planet or different galaxy. He was a very intelligent man and he was the first person to discover gravity. He was the only person out of all the people he knew who loved books and loved making things.

His experiments in bending light through prisms led, eventually, to the discovery of the existence in white light of a mixture of distinct coloured rays,
a pitch lap is a polish for mirrors
In 1668 Isaac Newton built his first reflecting telescope. He chose an alloy of tin and copper as the most suitable material for his objective mirror. He later devised means for shaping and grinding the mirror and may have been the first to use a pitch lap to polish the optical surface.