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by Anita Spakauske


Encouraging critical thinking and active citizenship locally and globally
ERASMUS meeting in Slovenia
Meeting with each other
We watched official opening and presentation of school Gimnazija Brežice.
We had a slovenian language class with the school dog Ami. She taught us some slovenian expressions. After that we were divided into groups, played some games to get to know each other better. Then we went to the elementary school and had lunch. After lunch we went on the tour around the Brežice and saw its sights. At the end of the tour we all gathered together in front of the Brežice castle. A tour guide showed us the castle and the museum.
At the morning we arrived to Gimnazija Brežice. We had competition in debates. We were divided into two groups we were all discussing at the end of debates teachers were also involved in the disscusion. for the example we were discussing about social media, age and holidays...
After that we watched critical thinking movie and had a discussion about the movie.
In the morning we drove to Ljubljana by a bus, where we met with the tour guide. We split in half, one group walked up to the Ljubljana castle and the other group went to the escape room. After an hour and a half we switched. After that we had some free time for food and shopping. Then the bus took us to the lake Bled. We tried the ˝kremšnita˝ desert and had two hours of free time. While we were driving back to Brežice we had activities that were prepared by each country and encouraged our critical thinking.
We arrived to the school. We divided into two groups one of the group was doing graffiti, the other was working on the final presintation in the IT class for the guests. All togheter we went to have the lunch in elementary school. Then we walk to Terme čatež and we having a taste of Urška ice- cream after dinner we had evening party- traditional dance Terme čatež presintation by country.
The last day
Today we are having final presentation of completed workshops, photographics, videos, leaflets and traditional dances. Official conclusion, exchange of gifts. We are having some free time in Brežice and markets nearby.
By the way we would love to thank for the host that you organised this project. At the same time thank for all the students that u were amazing. Everyone of you were so lovely!!!