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All About Me

by Travis Neiman


BY Travis Neiman
Here Are Some Fun Facts About Me:
1. I like to Build Lego sets.
2. I like to take apart and put back together Non-working RC Cars.
3. I Play with my Rc cars.
4. I like to listen to music.
5. I like to do anything that evolves with the outside.
6. I like to hang out with my family and friends
7. I Like to watch a lot of Action Movies
8. I like to Draw.
9. I like to Watch Anime.
I have 2 cats and 1 Ball-python snake. the cats are named ava, jinx,and the snake is named Mocha.
Words that people use to describe me: Funny, Smart, Focused, Creative, easy to get along.
these are some of my favorite memes:
One of my favorite things I also enjoy doing is reading like Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, The Maze Runner series, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series, Ben Archer and the cosmic fall series, and A year on the killing streets: Homicide.
I spent most of my childhood with my bio-dad and then moved in with my mom and step-dad when I was 10. and lost my step-dad to cancer in 2017.
I also am in wrestling and i am really good at.
My Favorite Saying is: "Wow Bro" and "That's What She Said" and my nickname is Turkey Ham (long story), TINKERBell (also a long story), and Squints from the sandlot. ( named by my teacher)
Here are also some interesting facts about me:
1. I can tend to be very active.
2. I have ADHD and ANXIETY / OCD.
3. I am very easy to get along with.
4. I am a very socializeable person.
5. I am always there for my friends when they are dealing with stuff at school/home, Etc.
Places that I went over the summer
1. Silverwood
2. Kalama (over by Vancouver) To help my Great-Grandparents with the haying season.
3. We camped in our own backyard.