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Sunny's day in Drumcondra

by Emily O'Brien

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Sunny's big day in Drumcondra!
Sunny jumped out of bed excited for the day.
She got dressed for school speedy quick!
To get to school Sunny got the bus, like she does everyday.
She waits at the bus stop looking for her bus, the number 1.
'St. Patrick's Primary school please' Sunny asks the bus driver.
When Sunny arrived at school just in the nick of time.
'Good morning Sunny' said the Principal, Ms.Grace.
Sunny also met Jackie the SNA who was ringing the bell.
'Morning Sunny!' she called.
Sunny waved and ran into class with the other children.
Miss Honey, Sunny's class teacher told the class that they were visiting Drumcondra library to get some books.
'Horray!' Cheered Sunny's class.
'Drumcondra library is on Millmount Avenue, accross from Griffith Park' said Miss Honey.
On their journey to Drumcondra library, Sunny and her class passes the bus stop, Tesco, Lloyds Pharmacy and Drumcondra orthodontics.
When they arrived at the library Sunny noticed that there were lot's and lot's of book.
'You may all pick out one book to take home' said Miss Honey.
Sunny picked out a book about animals as she loved nature!
Sunny gave the book to the librarian to check out.
'Ah such a lovely book choice, Sunny' said the librarian while stamping the book.
Sunny laughed cheerily.
'Shhh' whispered the librarian
'Oops sorry!' whispered Sunny
It was time to go back to school after their fun field trip.
'Lunch time' called Miss Honey
Sunny was starving so she quickly started eating her sandwich until....
'OUCH MY TOOTH!!' cried Sunny.
Miss Honey took a look at Sunny's tooth and said 'I think you might need a trip to the dentist'
After five minutes Sunny's mom arrived and took Sunny to Drumcondra dentist across the road.
Caitriona, the receptionist at the Dentist, told Sunny that Sheila the dentist will be right out to help her.
Sunny waited in the wating room, holding her moms hand as she was bit scared.
'Sunny, you're next' called out Sheila the dentist.
Sunny sat on the big dentists chair.
'Oh yes I see that one of your baby teeth is loose but don't worry as that is completely normal' said the Sheila the dentist.
Sunny hopped out of the dentists chair and realised she was starving!
'Let's go to Tesco' suggested Sunny's mom.
In Tesco it was very busy as many poeple were doing their shopping.
The security man at the door greeted Sunny and her mom.
Sunny chose an apple and a roll for her lunch and went to the checkout to buy them.
'5 euro please' said the shopkeeper.
Sunny paid for her food and happily skipped out of the shop.
'Before we go home can I please go to the playground?' Sunny asked her Mom.
Sunny loved Griffith park playground especially the swings as she loved to swing up high and see all of the different animals around her.
She saw a squirrel, a bird and even a spider!
After a long day, it was finally time to go home.
Mum and Sunny waited at the bus stop accross from DCU St. Patricks college.
Sunny saw lot's of people with backpacks at the bus stop and was confused.
Sunny's mom explained that they are students who are studying at the college.
'Maybe I'll study there one day!' thought Sunny
When Sunny arrived home it was time for bed.
She brushed her teeth and thought about all of the things she did today.
'What a busy day' yawned Sunny and she fell fast asleep.