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Nikkis book

by Nikki Reyes


written by Nikki Hoff Reyes
I was born in Terry Town New Orleans in 1998.

I love the French Quater Market and beignets!
I love the Balloon Fiesta and my favorite New Mexican restaurant is Garcia's Kitchen <3 but only the one in Taylor Ranch!
Shortly after my first appearance on Earth, my family moved out to New Mexico when I was 3 or 4, my parents cant make up their minds about when we came.
My first job ever was as a dishwasher at Peter Piper Pizza when I was 16 years old. I finally made it to the prize attendant a few months later.
I attended Volcano Vista and graduated in 2017. I was in Show Choir and loved it! We even went to Disney's California Adventures and preformed there when I was a sophomore!
I have always loved Asain food! Especially now with so many uses of social media, finding the perfect authentic Asain recipe isn't too hard! My go-to snacks at home have to be spam masubi or if I'm feeling last a spam masubi bowl!
My mom would always take us to Taj Mahal in Albuquerque and at that point I fell in love with Indian cuisine. My favorite dish is chicken curry with na'an bread. She has also made shrimp Biryani wich is so so good!!
My dad, on the other hand, is not a very diverse food eater. My parents divorced shortly after moving to New Mexico and they had 50/50 custody. When I was with my dad we grew up on beef stroganoff and corn bread. But he made really really good spaghetti and deep-fried chicken po'boys!
I currently work at The Center at Animal Humane! This is the first job that I can confidently say I truly enjoy! The Center is a doggy daycare and boarding facility. I get to bring my dogs to work with me, how many people can say that? For the most part, I have great coworkers and my boss even lets me go to her house and ride her horses! Of course, I have my favorite doggies there too, Like Elroy (the black one) and Rudy (doggy burrito)